Statement Knits: For the sexy grandma in you

I’m originally from Puerto Rico, which means I grew up not really knowing “sweater weather”. I’m jealous of women that can put together a cute winter outfit, because when I try to do it I look like this:

Image result for funny winter outfits
Credit: eBaum’s World, which is surprisingly still a thing (?)

But I need to get serious about this. It’s officially winter in Sydney, and I’m cold all the time. So let’s look at some statement knits and bring out the sexy grandma in all of us.

Coach 1941 Rexy Cable Knit Sweater | SHOPBOP
Coach Rexy Cablenet Sweater: AUD $683

If you’ve read a few of my other posts you know I’m obsessed with the Rexy line at Coach. So if I had $683 laying around I’d totes go for this dinosaur knit.

Gucci Oversized Intarsia MÉLange Wool Sweater In 7548 Orange
Gucci Oversized Intarsia Mélange Wool Sweater in 7548 Orange: AUD $1,225

*screams in anime* I WANT IT, I NEED IT. 行くぜ!

Gucci Crystal-embellished wool cardigan: AUD $4,715


Related image
WeGo Japan Pastel Rainbow Cardigan: AUD $68.95

Oh look, something that matches my ridiculously optimistic life views AND I can afford. I will rainbow bright ALL over your meeting, Karen.

If writing this blog post taught me anything it’s that I hate boring knitwear and sweaters. So, if you know any brands doing interesting funky knitwear, PLEASE let me know. I need all the help I can get.

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