Met Gala 2019 looks that were stunning: why we all need a fake head of our head

Ladies and gents, Met Gala looks are here and I am shook. Below are some of my favorite looks with barely any commentary because honestly, aint nobody got time for that!

Celine Dion is fucking goals and she can kick me with that leg whenever she wants.

mOM? DAd? Please adopt me.

Katy Perry is a chandeliere, and honestly I’m here for it. This is some Beauty and the beast half human / half furtinute realness.

Queen of Hearts and Lord Baelish got together and are now a MOOD.

The dress is stunning, the jewels are to die for, and now I want a fake head to hang out with. Questions or comments? Please refer to head please *points*

Harry Styles in this outfit, with ONE earing is a holy MOOD beech. Let me live in one of your pant sleeves.

Hamish Bowles, editor-in-large for Vogue, stole my comforter.

And obviously Lady Gaga showed up, with 4 wardrobe changes, giving us some real “Bradley Cooper WHO??” vibes. Own them all beech.

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