Cinderella Doggo: From the streets of Puerto Rico to Vogue Japan

If there’s something I love, is a happy ending. I’m a happy crier, more than a sad crier. So when I saw Puerto Rico’s “The Sato Project” (an organization dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico) post this story, my heart jumped with joy!

One of their pups, Charlotte, has been spotted in Vogue Japan!

Photos by StylePup & Emmy Park Photography for VOGUE JAPAN

“From being found abandoned in a parking lot in Puerto Rico to being featured in Vogue” The Sato Project posted on their Facebook page. The images are the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen, and we wish Charlotte a very successful fashion career.  Check out Emmy Park Photography for the rest of the Style Pup shoot, or check out the @StylePup account on Insta! And if you’re a fan of Charlotte she’s also got her own Instagram account @apuppynamedcharlotte.

But most importantly, if you’re interested in donating or helping out in any capacity, please reach out to The Sato Project and get involved by clicking here! You’d be helping other little angels find loving owners and get them to live their best lives (like Charlotte!) 

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