Cat Shoes. I never thought of it as a thing outside of kid’s shoes, but Louis Vuitton’s newest collaboration features Grace Coddington’s animal illustrations on a bunch of stuff and it’s high key adorable. This could be an extension of my last post on The Shoes I’m Obsessing Over, but just generally relates to the wackiness that I find appealing in fashion. Now, LOOK AT THESE SHOES.

LV Cat
Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington Collection has cats and they don’t look sassy.

The thing I like about these is that the cats aren’t like “fuck you I’m a cat” cats. They’re playful and adorable, and make no sense in these shoes. So I love them.

The line doesn’t just have cats, they’ve also incorporated doggies in these boots:

These puppy boots are fierce though

And general cuteness in other things:

*stares at tiny purse* What’s in there?

Either way, adorability on high. The boots give me life. EventhoughI feel I’m getting closer to becoming a 30 year old imaginary cat lady.

How do you like the animal doodle line? Would you wear any of these?

Check out the collection here.


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