High Fashion meets Manga: How Sailor Moon in Gucci is everything

Even though I’m officially in my 30’s *sob*, I’m still a big fan of the manga and anime Sailor Moon. The Sailor Scouts take me back to my childhood, where I was running around my grandparents neighborhood looking for a black cat to adopt.

Either way, you can imagine my excitement when on a whim I googled “manga high fashion” and came across this magic!

Last year Eastwood Wong, a San Francisco-based artist, gave the Sailor Scouts proper high fashion looks , specifically after the Gucci 2016 Spring Collection. You can check out the interview feature in Vogue here, along with the rest of the gallery where you can see Sailor Mars, Dark Moon and even a Card Captor Sakura cameo wearing Chanel.

If this isn’t a perfect manifestation of my mid-life crisis I don’t know what is.

Check out @eastwoodxxx for his more recent work, including a kick ass Trini (Yellow Power Ranger) rocking Versace.

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