The Coach bag I never knew I needed – Spoiler Alert: There’s a T-REX on it

Coach bags are beautiful, trendy, expensive things. And as much as I want to say I would never spend that much on a bag, they’ve finally got me.

Coach Camo Rexy Tote Bag – $245ish?


I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t know about “Rexy” sooner. She used to be just a charm on some of the bags back in 2015, but now she has her own line. I mean come on, how adorable is she? Also currently obsessed with the necklace below. This is my jam.

Rexy Necklace
Rexy Necklace – $125

Everything about this line makes me feel like I could be a Jurassic Goddess any give day. Could I just get a Jurassic Park children’s bag? Maybe. But it won’t satisfy my delicious Dino Fashion needs.

trex lisp meme


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